Say, is there beauty yet to find?"

Interlude is a unique experience for one audience member at a time.

 Featuring the voices of: Jeremy Birchall, Helen Chadwick, Daniel Cunningham, Eugenia Georgieva,  Hannah Howrie, Jonathan Peter Kenny,
 Sam Lee, Jenny Minton, Phil Minton,  Melanie Pappenheim,  
Ellie Showering and Rebecca Thorn.

Devised and Composed by Jenny Minton
Created in collaboration with Steve Wald

“Minton’s Interlude pulls off the oft-tried, rarely accomplished theatrical trick of being both epic and intimate, universal and personal. It’s chock full of joy and playfulness and is beautifully composed and delivered. I defy any age not to be spellbound”.
David Micklem, 64m Artists

Past dates:

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton, UK, February 2018
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, UK, September 2015
Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland, June 2015
Toynbee Studios, London, UK, December 2014
Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK, November 2014


Jenny Minton gratefully acknowledges financial support from Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music programme.